ASHEcon 2014

5th Biennial Conference of the American Society of Health Economists Hosted by the Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics

Session Logistics

Instructions for Session Chairs, Presenters, and Discussants

Session Chairs: 

The most important task for a session chair to perform is to strictly enforce the time allocated to each of the presenters and discussants.  The time allocated to each session is fixed, and if a chair allows one of the first presenters to go over their allotted time it will curtail all of the other presentations.  The other duties of the chair are introducing the papers and presenters and facilitating the open discussion.  Session chairs may also liven their sessions by highlighting points of controversy and /or by encouraging a broader focus, including the policy implications of the material presented.


The timing between the presenters and discussants is largely up to the participants and session chair, provided that some time is left for open discussion and the session ends on time.  Because our sessions are planned to be as full as possible, presenters in a three paper session should be given no more than 17 minutes, with discussants getting about 7 minutes per paper (Note that you will lose a minute between each paper as people change seats and move to the podium).  Together with introductions this will likely take up to 75 minutes.  In a four paper session, you should allow no more than 20 minutes combined per paper presentation and discussant comments.  In both cases, this will leave about 15 minutes for general discussion in each session provided you have strictly enforced the time limits.  If discussants are handling more than one paper, the time limits should be adjusted accordingly, and the session participants should be consulted ahead of the conference. To keep presenters on time, please give a time check at 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 2 minutes and 1 minute remaining, and politely, but firmly enforce a STOP. Unless there is a compelling reason, such as a late arriving or early departing presenter, please have the papers presented in the order that they are listed in the program.

Presenters and Discussants:

Presenters and discussants should bring their presentations on a USB drive and arrive early to get their presentations loaded on the PC available in every session room. Student helpers are assigned to each session room. They have some IT training. In case of a malfunction, contact the student who in turn will either attempt to solve the problem or will have direct access to the IT staff.